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Islamic Shari`ah and the Principle of Hardship Removal.

By Sheikh Kifah Mustapha Sometimes, it is not practical to prevent certain matters in real life either because they are insignificant or because the environment and circumstances do not allow avoiding them Sometimes, it is not practical to prevent certain matters in real life either because they are insignificant or because the environment and circumstances […]

How Do We Know the Qur’an is Unchanged?

By Firas Al-Khateeb The awakening of Europe from the Dark Ages and the subsequent intellectual enlightenment of the 1600s-1800s was one of the most powerful movements in modern history. It brought to Europe a dedication to empirical science, critical thinking, and intellectual discourse. Much of this was imported from the Muslim world’s intellectual history, through […]

Answering misconceptions about Islam.

Islam: 69. “The Myth Of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: Burning The Library Of Alexandria” AUGUST 4, 2017 68. “Prophet Muhammed’s Charity To Non-Muslims“ JULY 8, 2017 67. “Hadith ‘Do Not Greet Jews… Force Them To Narrow Road…’ Explained“ MAY 5, 2017 66. “Ali Ibn Abi Talib Did Not Burn Apostates Alive – Historical Analysis” MARCH 11, 2017 65. “Surah 9:29 – Tabuk […]

Are there Scientific Errors in Qu’ran ?

by ABU RAHMA Dr. Sultan b. Abdul Rahman al-Umayri has written a 1,200 page book titled (ظاهرة نقد الدين في الفكر الغربي الحديث) – ‘The phenomenon of criticism of religion in modern Western thought’. Below is a translation of 52 pages from the book pertaining to criticisms against Islam in terms of its alleged conflict […]

Commonly Misquoted Verses and Narrations.

1. LINK – Quran 2:178, 179 | ‘Qisas’ 2. LINK – Quran 2:190, 191, 192, 193, 194 | 3. LINK – Quran 2:216, 217, 218 | 4. LINK – Quran 2:225 | 5. LINK – Quran 2:244, 245 | Battle of Uhud 6. LINK – Quran 3:28 | 7. LINK – Quran 3:56 | 7. LINK – Quran 3:121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126 8. LINK – Quran 3:140, 141, 142, 143 | 9. LINK – […]

Clarifying Misconceptions about Qu’ran

Truth about the alleged variant in Qur’an 33 :6 Lie of Variant in Qur’an  2: 238 exposed Rare recitals of the Qur’an and the lies of Orientalists (An excerpt from Muti Taqi Usmani’s work ‘An Approach to Qur’anic Sciences) Reality of alleged lost verse(s) of surah 98 (al-Bayyinah) Variant of Qur’an 33:56 -A Myth Sun sets […]

Claims on the Sources of Quran.

Item Title Hits Rahmanan (RHMNN) – An Ancient South Arabian Moon God? 11313 Is Hubal The Same As Allah? 16690 Abdullah Ibn Sad Ibn Abi Sarh: Where Is the Truth? 8920 Reply To Robert Morey’s Moon-God Allah Myth: A Look At The Archaeological Evidence 9072 The Word Allah In The Arabic Bible 8879 Problem Of […]

The Text Of The Qur’an:

Item Title Hits On Pre-Islamic Poetry & The Qur’an 5217 Nevo & Negev Inscriptions: The Use & Abuse Of The Evidence 5582 Textual Reliability / Accuracy Of The New Testament 6702 Who Is Afraid Of Textual Criticism? 7173 Qur’anic Orthography: The Written Representation Of The Recited Text Of The Qur’an 5307 Are There Scribal Errors […]

The Preservation and Compilation of Qu’ran

The Holy Qur’an: 1. Preservation and Compilation Qur’an Compilation and Preservation -1 (During Prophet’s lifetime) Qur’an Compilation and Preservation -2(Circumstances during Abu Bakr’s time) Qur’an Compilation and Preservation -3(Compilation under Abu Bakr) Qur’an Compilation and Preservation -4  (Preservation under ‘Uthman) Examining Ibn Mas’ud’s reaction to Qur’an preservation efforts No. of Surahs in the Mushaf of Ibn […]

Worshipping the Same or a Different God?

By Ansar Al ‘Adl The allegation is as follows: Worshiping the Same or a Different God? Muhammad is commanded to speak to the disbelievers: … nor do you worship what I worship [109:3]. Which disbelievers is this referring to? Other verses in the Qur’an state clearly that those disbelieving his message are in fact worshiping […]