The heritage left behind by the Prophet for the day to day life in personal life, social life etc. for the whole mankind is another evidence of his prophethood. The examples are limitless and some of them are given below.
In Islam the man intending to marry a woman pays a dower (Mahr) to her. This is not the purchase money paid to the woman as done during the pre-Islamic days and even now in some societies. This is a gift as token of love, and has fixed rate. It can be waived off by the woman at her own choice and not under pressure. This is entirely different from the system where dowry is paid by the womans father in most of the Asian countries, and which is a severe burden on the women in these societies.
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him took a generation of brutes and changed it to an exemplary society where the best among them was one with most God fearing action. The inherent selfishness in men was so much changed that a thirsty soldier in the battlefield would sacrifice his share of water to a brother soldier and face death contentedly in the path of Allah. He brought peace in the society by teaching them that, He is not a perfect believer, who goes to bed full and knows that neighbor is hungry. He encouraged people to be merciful to fellow human beings when he advised them to, Show mercy to people on earth so that Allah will have mercy on you in heaven. He brought in unity among tribes who werready to go to war at the slightest provocation, by telling them that, Do not have malice against a Muslim; do not be envious of other Muslims; do not go against a Muslim and forsake him. O the slaves of Allah! Be like brothers with each other. It is not correct for a Muslim to desert his brother for over three days.
Islam censures economic exploitation as strongly as social excesses and individual dishonesty. It will not be an exaggeration to say that absolute honesty in business and commerce is really an Islamic concept, while people of other faith have been throughout the history mercenary nations notorious for their greed. Throughout his mission the Prophet peace be upon him urged his followers to adopt trade as their profession to earn a Halaal (lawful in Islam) living, while exhorting them to observe truthfulness and honesty in their business transactions. At every possible moment, he encouraged them to be lenient to those who fallen into debt and showed them the excellence of contributing towards helping a brother in such a condition.
Today we hear every one talking about the Ozone layer and the Green House effects. But Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him educated the desert Arabs about the excellence of planting trees when he said, Never a Muslim plants a tree, but he has the reward of charity for him. What is eaten out of that is charity, what is stolen out of that, what the beast eat of that and what birds eat of that is charity for him. In fact, none impose a loss to him but it becomes a charity on his part.
There was no restriction for any person to approach the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and ask any questions from him. He was leader, a ruler yet he was the Prophet which was over-riding fact. There were numerous incidents where the people went to him and obtained guidance in their mundane day to day life. The Prophet peace be upon him pointed out that the leadership is not only an honor but a responsibility as well. He said that, A just ruler will be one of those seven groups of people who will be given shade by Allah on the day there will be shade from the blazing sun. Prophet warned the people that of the difficult days for them if they go out Islam, that Allah will appoint an unjust ruler, who will not honor the learned, the elders and will not show kindness to the young ones in the society.
In the first Islamic society, the members were so much changed, that everyone’s rights were well protected and preserved. All they asked in return was a ticket to the ever-lasting life of paradise. He taught them that, Clothing an under-clad Muslim, entitles you to a garment from the Paradise. Feeding a hungry Muslim will make you eligible (by Allahs will) for the fruit of Paradise, and if you provide water to a thirsty Muslim, Allah will provide you with a drink from the Sealed Nectar. He clearly showed the disgrace of begging, and promoted the habit abstaining from asking others for help unless it is very essential. He warned that those who beg for no valid reason, will be raised on the last day, without any flesh in their faces. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him transformed a pagan society to a noble society, which was able to bear the torch of enlightenment to all the nations in the world within one generation and this is the shortest time in history.

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