The Text Of The Qur’an:

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On Pre-Islamic Poetry & The Qur’an 5217
Nevo & Negev Inscriptions: The Use & Abuse Of The Evidence 5582
Textual Reliability / Accuracy Of The New Testament 6702
Who Is Afraid Of Textual Criticism? 7173
Qur’anic Orthography: The Written Representation Of The Recited Text Of The Qur’an 5307
Are There Scribal Errors In The Qur’ân? 5489
Topics Relating To The Qur’an: I’jaz, Grammarians & Jews 4661
Between Grammar And Rhetoric (Balāghah): A Look At Qur’ān 2:217 4957
Sudden Changes In Person & Number: Neal Robinson On Iltifāt 5036
Grammatical Shift For The Rhetorical Purposes: Iltifāt And Related Features In The Qur’ān 5461
Responses To The Grammatical Errors In The Qur’ân 5290
Surah al-Walayah & Surah al-Nurayn: Their Authenticity & Literary Style 7838
Radiocarbon (Carbon-14) Dating And The Qur’anic Manuscripts 6638
The Dotting Of A Script And The Dating Of An Era: The Strange Neglect Of PERF 558 5836
On The Origins Of The Kufic Script 7401
The Qira’at Identified In The Qur’anic Manuscripts 8829
The Ten Readers & Their Transmitters 7578
Reply To Samuel Green’s “The Seven Readings Of The Qur’an” 7203
Versions Of The Qur’an? 9275
Did Al-Hajjaj Change The Qur’an? 5580
Abdullah Ibn Sad Ibn Abi Sarh: Where Is the Truth? 5207
Al-Hajjâj, Kitâb al-Masâhif & Gilchrist 5386
The Qur’ân, Jeffery & Western Scholars: What Does Jeffery Actually Say?

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