Are there Scientific Errors in Qu’ran ?


Dr. Sultan b. Abdul Rahman al-Umayri has written a 1,200 page book titled (ظاهرة نقد الدين في الفكر الغربي الحديث) – ‘The phenomenon of criticism of religion in modern Western thought’. Below is a translation of 52 pages from the book pertaining to criticisms against Islam in terms of its alleged conflict with science. The translation is not entirely word by word and leave has been taken in many places in order to suit it to the English language.

Topic index

Does the Qur’an contradict the fact that the earth is spherical?
Does the Qur’an err regarding the earth’s revolution and rotation?
Does the Qur’an say that the sun moves?
How do we understand the Hadith of the sun’s prostration beneath the Throne?
Does the Qur’an paint a false picture about the universe?
Does Islam contradict facts pertaining to the sky?
Did the Qur’an get the information about the stars wrong?
Creation of the heavens and the earth in six days
Does the Qur’an miscalculate the numbers of the suns and the moons?
Is the Qur’an unscientific regarding the moon and its position?
Does the Qur’an err when it mentions seven earths?
Does the Qur’an contradict scientific facts regarding thunder?

Scientific ‘errors’
  1. Did the Sun set in a Muddy pool according to the Quran? (Quran 18:86) – Answer [2]
  2. Night Time Cold is Caused by the Moon (Surah 76:13) – Answer
  3. Is the Universe contracting according to the Quran? (Quran 41:11) – Answer
  4. Mountains as Pegs/Stakes? Do Mountains have roots that resemble Pegs/Stakes? – Answer
  5. Heavens and Earth created in six days? – Answer
  6. How many Planets are in the solar system according to the Quran? (Quran 65:12) – Answer
  7. The light of the moon (Quran 71:16) – Answer
  8. Thunder is an angel (Quran 13:13) – Answer
  9. The Earth is fixed and doesn’t move? (Quran 35:41, 40:64, 26:61) – Answer
  10. Humans created from a Blood Clot? (Quran 96:2, 22:5, 23:14) – Answer

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