The Glorious Qu’ran :

By imam Said Nursi

• The Qur’an is the entire book of the revelations sent down by Allah (SWT) to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over his 23 years of prophethood.

• The Qur’an is “the last heavenly book.”

• The Qur’an is “the word of Allah” which is also known as “Kitabullah: the book of Allah”; Furqan; Tanzil (that which is sent down); Mushaf (the manuscript bound between two boards, written book); Kitab (Book); Nur (Divine light); Dhikr (remembrance) and “Umm-ul Kitab” (Mother of the books).

• The Qur’an was sent down on 4 essences:

1. Tawhid (The existence and unity of Allah)

2. Nubuwwah (Prophethood)

3. Hashr (resurrection) and justice

4. Ubudiyyah (servitude and worship)

• The Qur’an, being the word of Allah (SWT), is a book that explains the unique existence, reality, attributes, names and actions of Allah which differentiate Him from His creatures.

• The Qur’an, being the hard evidence and the clear interpreter of the existence and the unity of Allah (SWT), is “the Book of Hidayah” (The Book of Guidance) that defines Allah to His servants.

• The Qur’an is “The Book of Sharia” (law) that provides all kinds of social, economic, judicial, administrative, civil and ethic orders in the society through Divine Commands.

• The Qur’an is “A Miraculous Wisdom Book” in which any science sought for may be found, and it is also an essential book with which the people of wisdom can never be sated.

• The Qur’an is “The Book of Prayer” that brings man closer to Merciful Allah (SWT), gives peace to the soul and acts as the interpreter to the desires and wishes of man.

• The Qur’an is “The Book of Reflection” that convinces man to reflect upon the reason for his creation; on this world and the hereafter; on paradise and hell; on the wisdom and the reality of each creature in the universe, and on the attributes and the names of Allah that are seen in the universe.

• The Qur’an is “A Treasure of Miracles” in terms of its wondrous qualities, such as its eloquence; the fact that it does not bore its listeners and readers though they read and listen over and over again; its not being distorted in any way; its being easily memorised; the fact that its freshness is preserved; that it addresses those in each century and of every level of understanding, informing about the past and the future and being impossible to be imitated.

• The Qur’an is “The Greatest Miracle of the Last Prophet, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Quran is an eternal translation of the great book of the universe and the everlasting translator of the various ‘languages’ in which Divine laws of the creation and operation of the universe are ‘inscribed’; the interpreter of the books of the visible, material world and the world of the Unseen; the discloser of the immaterial treasuries of the Divine Names hidden on the earth and in the heavens; the key to the truths which lie beneath the lines of events; the tongue of the Unseen world in the visible, material one; the treasury of the favors of the All-Merciful One and the eternal addresses of the All-Glorified One coming from the world of the Unseen beyond the veil of this visible world; the sun of the spiritual and intellectual world of Islam and its foundation and plan; the sacred map of the worlds of the Hereafter; the expounder, the lucid interpreter, articulate proof, and clear translator of the Divine Essence, Attributes, Names and acts; the educator and trainer of the world of humanity and the water and light of Islam, which is the true and greatest humanity; the true wisdom of humankind and their true guide leading them to happiness; and for human beings it is both a book of law, a book of prayer, a book of wisdom, a book of worship and servanthood to God, and a book of commands and invitation, a book of invocation, and a book of mediation, a holy book containing books for all the spiritual needs of mankind, and a heavenly book which, like a sacred library, contains numerous booklets from which all the saints and the eminently truthful, and all the purified and discerning scholars and saints of different temperaments have derived their ways peculiar to each, and which illuminate each of these ways and answer the needs of all those with different tastes and temperaments who follow them.

Having come from the Supreme Throne of God, and originated in His Greatest Name, and issued forth from the most comprehensive rank of each Name, and as is explained in The Twelfth Word, the Quran is both the word of God as regards His being the Lord of the worlds, and His decree in respect of His having the title of the Deity of all creatures, and a discourse in the name of the Creator of all the heavens and earth, and a speech from the perspective of the absolute Divine Lordship, and an eternal sermon on behalf of the universal Sovereignty of the All-Glorified One, and a register of the favors of the Most Merciful One from the viewpoint of the all-embracing Mercy, and a collection of messages some of which begin with a cipher, and a holy book which, having descended from the surrounding circle of the Divine Greatest Name, looks over and surveys the circle surrounded by the Supreme Throne of God.

It is because of all these that the title of Word of God has been, and will always be, given to the Qur’an most deservedly.

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