Reverse symmetry in Surah Qiyamah and Insan Surah Al-Qiyamah.

By ammar Ljevakovic.

1.Resurrection and remorse on Judgment day.

2.Qur’an and prohibitions directed to the prophet .

3.Reward,punishment and death.

4.Bad deeds.


Surah Insan :


4-Good deeds.

3-Reward in akhirah.

2-Qur’an and orders to the prophet.

1-Creation and freedom of choice.
Ring structure in surah al-Qiyamah :

A-Human being wants to sin while he is alive
B-Eyesight is by fear confounded, Moon becomes DARK, sun and moon are joined together
C-There is no refuge when judgement day arrives
D- man shall against himself be an eye-witness

C- Qur’an

A’-Human being loves this world and leaves the akhirah
B’-Some faces are bright, looking at their Lord, some faces are DARK
C’-There is no refuge from death
D’-Sins which human beings do

Ring structure in surah Insan :
A Creation (ayat 1,2)
B Freedom of choice (3)
C Consequences of choice (4)
B-Good deeds belivers do (5-11)
A-Reward(jazahum) and silk (12)
B- therein they SHALL SEE neither sun nor bitter cold; (Double negation)(13)
C-Nearness of fruits (14)
D-Description of cups (15,16)
D’-Description of drinks (17,18)
C’- boys of everlasting youth will serve them. (19)
B’- When you look around, you will see delights and great dominion (double affirmation)(20)
A’-Reward(jaza’an) and silk(21,22)
B’ –Ibadah of the prophet (23-26)
C’ Creation (27, 28)
B’ Freedom of choice (29,30)
A’ Consequences of choice (31
Pairings in surah Insan:

This surah emphasizes freedom of choice, so most of the things mentioned in this surah are in pairs:

1.In the begining of the surah Allah mentions two types of people grateful and ungrateful.

2.At the end of surah Allah mentions those whom He punished and the ones whom He showed mercy

3. Allah mentions two blessings creation and guidance

4.Allah mentions two senses : hearing and seeing.

5.Allah mentions two punishments:chains and fir
6. Allah mentions two types of chains : collar and chains for arms and feet.

7. Allah mentions two kinds of inhabitants of jannah: abrar (devotees) i ibadullah(slaves of Allah)

8. Two types of flavoured drinks : drink with palm blossoms and drink with ginger

9.Two types of external worship : feeding the poor and fulfilling of the vows

10.types of internal worship: fear of Allah and sincerety (they feed the hungry only for Allah’s sake)

11.Those who feed the poor reject two things: Recompens, which is expressed by deed, and thanks, which is expressed verbally.

12.They are described as having two types of happines:nadrah (external happiness which can be seen on someones face) and suroor –internal happiness , which can’t be seen.

13.Allah rewards them with two things: jannah (where they are going to have food and drink which will satisfy their internal need) and silk (which they will use to cover their bodies-meaning external need).

14. a) Two things are negated in Jannah: heat(shams-sun) and cold(zamhareer-some say this word means moon).

14.b) This verse has two meaning,first it can mean they will not see sun or the moon in jannah so they isn’t going to be shifts between day and night, meaning they are going to be there for eternity. Second meaning is they will have perfect temperature in jannah(no heat and no cold).

15. Allah mentions two things which are near, shadow and fruits.

16.Allah mentions two types of goblets : from silver and from glass.

17. Allah mentions that people of jannah will drink from springs and from cups.

18.Two types of clothing: garments of the finest green silk and brocade.

19.Two types of ornament: clothes and bracelets
20.Allah prohibits to be obedient to types of people: sinner and disbeliever.

21.Allah orders the prophet to make : /tasbeeh and prayer(salah)/ at two time periods: /day and night.

22 Allah mentions two parts of the day: morning and evening (bukreten ve esila).

23.At night prophet is ordered to do : tasbeeh and sajda.

24. Allah mentions life in this world and life in akhirah.

25.Allah mentions love and leaving(separation).

26.Allah mentions two phases of human development:creation and fixation of bones and joints.

27. This surah mentions two wills: Gods will and human will.

28. The sura ends with mention of mercy and punishment.

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